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Silence… While We Bring The World To A Standstill

29 Jun
(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)

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This message is no less important today than the first time – fighting for your right. The real (real REAL) Beastie Boys, of course, appear at the end to wrap it up.

Have a look…  Fight For Your Right


You Got Me Where You Want Me

2 Jan


I want to get away. I need to get away… Back Against the Wall is one of Cage the Elephant’s best songs.

I’m inserting the video even though the jerks at YouTube [correction: Vevo is the jerk, not YouTube]  won’t let you actually watch it from here – you’ll have to follow their link. (They won’t share most videos with WordPress users, only Blogger users.)

This week they have the free single, Around My Head, on iTunes so check it out if you’re so inclined. Have a nice day.

Mrs. Palladia

31 Dec

I am in love with Palladia. So why don’t I marry it, you ask?

Maybe I will. Maybe I’ve been putting a little thought into our future together.

Our honeymoon would probably be in Venice, but I want to go to the Glendalough area someday, too, so we’ll just have to see. We will hold hands and skip everywhere we go whilst we sing and sing.

Our children would likely resemble Eddie Vedder, Jay-Z, two of the four members of the Kings of Leon band, Lenny Kravitz, and… well, me.

Do you even have to ask which two?

If you play your cards right I will invite you to the wedding – it will be awesome.

Wait ’til you hear about all of the bands who will be performing at the reception…


She Just Feels A Lot Better

21 Nov

I am fortunate to have somehow made my way backstage at a couple of concerts – but it’s definitely not what you think (unless you think I sleep with the band, then, yeah, I guess it’s what you think).

A friend and I went backstage at a Counting Crows concert a hundred years ago – after which this song was written. I’m pretty sure Adam Duritz wrote it about yours truly.


There aren’t that many Amy’s out there. I’m certain I’m the only one he ever met. Also that he remembers me and my name. He’s probably looking for me still. Don’t google it, please.

All I really know is I wanna know and all I really know is I don’t wanna know and all I really know…

Click the picture to listen on YouTube:

The Point Is Probably Moot

18 Nov

“…cause she’s watchin’ him with those eyes and she’s lovin’ him with that body, I just know it…”

I go back and forth. Pride. Shame. Pride. Shame.

My young children know all the words to Jessie’s Girl (as do you, so careful with your judgements). I enjoy the occasional Rick Springfield ditty, so what?

I’m trying to pick out which uncensored Notorious B.I.G. song to teach them next, just to keep them well rounded. Suggestions welcome.

Now, for your enjoyment, a link to the hilariously awful video…

I’m Lyin’ In My Bed

16 Nov

He was about to become a pro skateboarder when he broke his leg.

Music went from a passionate hobby to a full-time gig.

Lucky us. And lucky me a couple days ago when he hopped off the stage to dance with us simple folk.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr.Matt Costa…

Favorite, but a bit sad, this one:

Lullaby – one of my favorite songs…

I Love Caleb

13 Nov

I do I do I do.

Obsession of the Moment

9 Nov

Mumford and Sons.

heads up: the “F” word is repeatedly (brilliantly) sung throughout…

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