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10 Aug

“That makes sense, because it’s usually hotter when that [star] is up in the air,” said Stillwater, OK resident Asher Arps, 31, speaking to reporters as temperature rose to 110 degrees over the weekend. “I knew it lit things up, of course, but I didn’t realize it could make things hot.”

“Apparently it’s gigantic simply because it’s closer to us than any other star,” Kivens [professor and astronomer] said. “Which would also account for why we feel this particular star’s heat during the day but are not warmed by the tiny blinking stars we see at night.”

“It’s interesting stuff,” he added.

Extremely bright and difficult to stare at directly…

Onion, The

14 Jan
The Onion

Image by _rockinfree via Flickr

The Onion is so good, I could eat it like an apple. Click on the hyper-link if you need a laugh.

The Sedaris Empire

9 Jan
Me Talk Pretty One Day

Image via Wikipedia

I love David Sedaris and Amy Sedaris. The wit. The way they don’t temper their comments. Amy is ridiculous. Brilliant. David’s writing makes me feel like I’m drunk on a combination of wit, awe, and hysteria. The poignancy he weaves into his stories will sneak up on you and might even make you cry. If you’re a crybaby. Which I am.

Anyone who doesn’t find them funny is lacking in the intelligence department.

Read Naked or Me Talk Pretty One Day if you’re up for your sides to split wide open.

Amy’s latest book, Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People, is genius, too.

Some links for your viewing pleasure:

Good Stuff

2 Dec

I’ve loved this artist for a long time – plus, you can find great hostess gifts for the Christmas season. Very funny.

Erin Smith Art

We Both Know Why You’re Here

19 Nov

And it’s certainly not for shopping tips. Regardless, I can’t help but share a few shops on Etsy that I love.

$25 can get you a long way with many of these stores, plus you’ll be supporting independent artists who do AMAZING things with their very own hands (most will do custom orders as well).

Hip hip.

Select any photo to visit the seller’s shop.

I want this ring. E-mail me for my shipping address.


Cool little boy shirt…


Tons of custom lamp shades here. In fact, I may not be able to stop sharing “shops”. I gravitate toward the jewelry, but I’ve found much more over the past couple years…



Silent Killer

14 Nov

I love The Onion. Obviously.

Just a few of their Weekender covers for your enjoyment…

Shall We?

9 Nov
It’s just wretchedly, shamefully hilarious.
Arturo Trejo – awesome vlog (video blog).
Trust me.
Muy gracioso. Muy.

“We’re gonna have a good time! A mighty fine time! Yeah! Owwww! Let yourself go! Yessir! Move that cute little boogie body! Hotdog!!”
Sign me up.